Healthy habits of successful people

What are the tricks and healthy habits of successful people? What can you do to improve your daily routine for success? Start your day the right way Waking up late does not put anyone in a good mood. When you wake up early, it gives you a chance to really wake up your mind and […]

Suggested remedies to boost energy and vitality

suggested products for energy and vitality

To wake up everyday, fresh and full of energy for the day ahead should be the norm. But is it for you, or is it a distant dream? There are always going to be days that sleeping in seems lovely, but what do you do when you are finding yourself waking up exhausted and unable […]

Inflammation: A red flag for future chronic disease?

As an immune response, inflammation is helpful and necessary. However, when your body continuously produces chronic low-grade inflammation (triggered by conditions like chronic pain, ongoing infections, viruses or allergies), it can cause long-term damage.

Suggested products for digestion and bloating


Medicinal plants have been used for thousands of years to treat various illnesses and symptoms. These include physical ailments and mental issues that affect health and wellness. For example, herbal remedies can be used to improve digestion and reduce bloating due to improper diet or other conditions that affect the stomach. Gut health is vital […]

Product focus: Sleep Tight for insomnia

Product focus: Sleep Tight for insomnia

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that affects millions of adults in South Africa. It is characterised by several symptoms, including the inability to sleep for long periods during the night, waking up unnecessarily in the middle of the night, overthinking when trying to sleep and severe fatigue during the day as a result of […]

Devil’s claw reduces arthritis and inflammation

Devil's claw reduces arthritis and inflammation

Medicinal plants have been used by Africans for centuries. They have healing properties that are used to treat illnesses and the symptoms of other conditions, such as arthritis and inflammation. One such plant is devil’s claw and, despite its ominous name, there is nothing sinister about this plant. In fact, it has been used by […]

Suggested products for concentration and focus


Herbal medicines are not only effective for treating symptoms of illnesses and minimising the recovery time after an injury, but they can also be used to boost concentration, focus and mental performance. Plants can be used to promote energy and mental capacity, allowing consumers to perform at their most optimal level and increase their work […]

Product focus: Relax for stress and anxiety

Product focus: Relax for stress and anxiety

Traditional African Medicine has always involved the use of plants for healing and well-being. There are thousands of plant species in African that have medicinal properties. Some can treat physical conditions and the symptoms of illnesses, while others can be used to treat mental issues and cognitive performance. There are a few plants that can […]

Thought leader: Gus Le Breton

Thought leader: Gus Le Breton

Plants have long been used in traditional medicines around the world. At home, in Africa, herbal remedies are still commonly used to treat various illnesses and symptoms. One man who understands the power of plants in medicine is Gus Le Breton, who has spent most of his life researching indigenous plants and exploring their traditional […]

Product focus: Anti-Inflammation for recovery

Product focus: Anti-Inflammation for recovery

Many plants have medicinal properties and have been used for thousands of years to treat symptoms of various illnesses. Traditional African Medicine revolves around the use of plants to promote health and improve the quality of life. Many of these plants are the reason modern pharmaceutical medicines exist. They have various positive effects on the […]

Sceletium is a natural mood-enhancer

Sceletium is a natural mood-enhancer

Traditional African medicine has been centred around plants for hundreds of years. These herbal remedies have long been used to treat various symptoms of illnesses and other bodily problems. Medicinal plants have a range of healing properties for both the body and mind. One such plant is Sceletium, commonly called kanna in South Africa. This […]

Suggested products for recovery from injury


People are often most vulnerable after an injury – whether from surgery, an accident or a sports mishap. When we injure ourselves, we need to look after our bodies more carefully during the recovery phase to ensure that the process is fast and effective. This will allow us to get back to full health and […]


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