Suggested remedies to boost energy and vitality

suggested products for energy and vitality

To wake up everyday, fresh and full of energy for the day ahead should be the norm. But is it for you, or is it a distant dream? There are always going to be days that sleeping in seems lovely, but what do you do when you are finding yourself waking up exhausted and unable […]

Product focus: Energy for motivation and performance

Product focus: Energy for motivation and performance

Traditional African Medicine is an ancient practice of healing using herbal ingredients. The plants used in these treatments have medicinal properties that make them effective solutions for a wide range of ailments, illnesses and symptoms. As such, traditional herbal remedies have led to the development of some popular pharmaceutical drugs. Plants can help to improve […]

Suggested products for fitness and movement

Fitness is key to healthy living, but this depends on a good degree of mobility and ease of movement. If the human body cannot move without pain, stiffness or aching, then achieving a healthy level of fitness is very challenging. There are medicinal plants and herbal remedies that can improve joint movement, reduce muscle soreness […]


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