Healthy habits of successful people

What are the tricks and healthy habits of successful people? What can you do to improve your daily routine for success? Start your day the right way Waking up late does not put anyone in a good mood. When you wake up early, it gives you a chance to really wake up your mind and […]

Suggested remedies to boost energy and vitality

suggested products for energy and vitality

To wake up everyday, fresh and full of energy for the day ahead should be the norm. But is it for you, or is it a distant dream? There are always going to be days that sleeping in seems lovely, but what do you do when you are finding yourself waking up exhausted and unable […]

Examples of modern medicines that were developed from herbal remedies

Modern medicines in power form with African wooden spoon

Traditional African Medicine has been around for thousands of years. Herbal remedies and medicinal plants form the basis of this ancient healing practice. The effectiveness of plants to cure ailments and promote better health has led to the development of modern medicines. There are many pharmaceutical drugs that have been developed from herbal remedies. Below […]

How to buy Source of Health products online

How to buy Source of Health products online

Source of Health has numerous products available online, under the Isiphethu Sempilo brand. All of these products can be purchased from your home and delivered to your door. Our 100% natural products contain herbal concentrates and last up to 20 days for R185, making them a cost-effective option in the traditional African medicine industry.  Here […]

Source of Health community initiatives

Source of Health community initiatives

Source of Health is a South African company that produces traditional African remedies using only natural ingredients and herbal compounds. These ingredients that go into our Isiphethu Sempilo products are sustainably sourced from various local communities.  As such, we lend a hand in a variety of community initiatives that support families and entrepreneurs throughout the […]


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