Community at heart

The sustainable supply of our premium quality raw materials is taken care of by a network of community agricultural projects across the continent that grow medicinal, aromatic and nutritious plants.

Our project partners supply and source medicinal plants for national and international markets.

They are involved in continuous research into phyto-chemicals (chemical compounds produced by plants) and prospecting for new and interesting chemical components of the African bio-diversity.

Other than the bulk supply of herbs and facilitating technical research, our partners have developed and piloted a number of finished products including pills, capsules, extracts and creams.

We hold Biotrade and Bioprospecting permits issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs in South Africa.

We have Benefit Sharing Agreements (BSAs) and Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) with the Khoi and the San peoples – the owners of the traditional knowledge.

Contact us for any requests or collaborations.


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