Advantages of Traditional African Medicine

Advantages of Traditional African Medicine

Traditional African Medicine is one of the oldest and, perhaps, diverse forms of healing. In many remote regions of the continent, traditional healers are the most accessible and affordable health resources available to local communities. These healers use a range of plants and natural elements to treat a large range of illnesses and ailments. 

This ancient art of well-being still has complete relevance in modern society. The knowledge of natural remedies is deep-seated in African culture and medicinal plants are being studied and developed into phytopharmaceuticals. These medicines have worked in the past and will continue to be used to treat the symptoms of chronic conditions, seasonal illnesses and infectious diseases in Africa.

A number of scientific organisations have been studying traditional medicine in Africa and its effectiveness. More and more academic journals are publishing articles on the significance of the practice and the benefits that it brings to the people of Africa. Traditional medicine has many advantages that can be supported by scientific research.

What is Traditional Africa Medicine?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines traditional medicine as “the sum total knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, that are used to maintain health, as well as to prevent, diagnose, improve or treat physical and mental illness.”

African Traditional Medicine is a broad field that includes the healing practices of all African cultures. These skills have been used for thousands of years – long before the advent of Western medicine. Today, the WHO has recognised an increase in the use of traditional medicines as a complementary practice for well-being.

African Traditional Medicine is interwoven with cultural beliefs and practices. It is said to be a holistic method that includes the body and the mind. The WHO has been collecting data and information about these methods for many years in order to create guidelines for advancing the recognition, acceptance and use of these healing practices into the healthcare systems of their countries.

Benefits of traditional medicine

Herbal remedies, such as the ones used in South Africa, have always been effective at treating a number of symptoms. They very rarely have side effects for patients and because they are 100% natural, they have multiple health benefits over and above the treatment of symptoms. 

They can be used as complementary treatments for intense and constant illnesses. Natural remedies even exist for the treatment of COVID-19 symptoms, which has also been backed up by the WHO. Here are several other benefits of traditional medicines:

  • They are more affordable than conventional treatments.
  • They are easier to obtain than prescription drugs.
  • They can stabilise hormones and the metabolism.
  • They strengthen the overall immune system.
  • There are often few to no side effects.
  • They can be found in nature, so cost very little to produce.

These ancient healing practices will continue to have relevance in modern Africa as they come from generations-old knowledge that has been tried-and-tested. Browse our range of herbal products and find a natural solution to a variety of ailments.


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